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Why Technology Matters in the Digital Marketplace

Technology matters in the digital marketplace because it has taken over our lives to a degree only science fiction writers imaged a hundred years ago.

The digital marketplace is rapidly overtaking the brick & mortar world of retail sales. In modern America, the dominant economic forces in our lives are the group of technology companies collectively know as FAANG, which is an acronym for Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google.

FAANG Takes a Byte

The proof of the importance of FAANG’s technology in the digital marketplace is that your phone uses either Apple’s or Google’s operating system (iOS or Android respectively).

In addition, you probably use that phone to buy stuff from Amazon, socialize with friends and family on Facebook, and watch videos on Netflix.

In the 20th Century—the Industrial Age—the most successful companies in the world were manufacturers who created physical objects from raw materials.

In the 21st Century—the Digital Age—the most successful companies write code and deliver the products and services of “creators” and smaller companies.

It Is Inevitable

You cannot avoid technology in today’s world, so it really does matter to your bottom line how effectively you integrate technology into every facet of your standard business operations.

As tomorrow’s more-technically-advanced world rapidly approaches, those who fail to aggressively bite into digital technology will be devoured by those with sharper faangs.

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